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subtitled this picture “An

Internet Safari”. Certainly the text Joyce supplies on page 176 is more

‘inspiring’ in its minute details so that this picture contains as many small

details as any previous picture but also larger details and in patches such as

images of old used shirts, and a complex right-hand-side of various pages from

the past history of art and particularly Cubism and Velázquez. Cubism might

seem to many to still be the Modernist ‘style’ of all Modernist ‘styles’ due in

part to its ‘experimental’ operations on the visible world and abstractions

from it, yet they remain painted stuff and reveal the “aura” of something

“painted” and as having that domination of academic metalanguage that smells of

platitudes that may be understood according to a guidebook (and all of those

Modernist Art Historians who proudly provide such guidebooks, or more often

than not Fail to provide such guidance or guidelines through pure ignorance

these days in university teaching in the visual arts). An Internet Safari

clearly relates to the evidence of imagery in most of my works that lifts

imagery from the www. The www is sufficient, up to a point, to provide at least

some of the imagery for these works on Joyce and Duchamp because it’s not difficult

to see where art and knowledge are going.

The image: Shem FW. 176