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Joyce’s writing in the Wake takes a great deal of time to come to terms with and when one has been reading the same page every day for three months with little to show for it in terms of ‘realization’ in pictorial form the Blueprint format that takes away the complication of the colour element in the picture can help to set the mind on a different tack. The lesson in this work was to consider both Heidegger and Beckett as writers who described in one way or another the possibility of allowing “language” to ‘language’. Without resorting to illustration this page has proved so far to be the most compelling for me in terms of the amount of supplementary reading I needed to do in order to gain ground pictorially with the language. A steadfast refusal on the page’s part to mean nothing requires concrete construction of the meaning of this meaninglessness (but not meaninglessmess); a necessary and impossible task.

The image: Shem FW. 175 (blueprint)
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