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This page of the Wake involves, blind eyes and blinking eyes in the rain; machina in “perfect lowness”, “noxious perverts” “quicklimers” and the presence, as is often the case, of Hamlet: “He went without saying that the cull disliked anything anyway approaching a plain straightforward standup or knockdown row”… “And agree to every word as soon as half-uttered, command me! your servant, good, I revere you, how, my seer? Be drinking that!”.

This picture partially revolves around part of a comic strip in which a ‘cyber-man’ and other such machines are assembled to wage war (as ever!) And which connects with the general flow of the language-use created by Joyce for this page, of course; but likewise the general imagery is associatively connected to the comic-notes that Duchamp created for his Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelor’s, Even. A large portion of the white text area is concerned with the Green Box of Duchamp and X-Rays in association with “delays” (in “understanding” that so concern me), as does the incompleteness of the work as it expands into white space. Eyes and Listening are appropriate to the ways in which Shem is described on this page and that everything he had tried to achieve in his life was merely a “washout”.

As to reading these works it remains very much to be seen if there is anyone who can actually breath their own thoughts into them. My work, one could say, is the opposite to what Samuel Beckett produced in his texts, but this is brought into perspective through the sheer overload of writing and image and research that has gone into furnishing these pictures such that words or concepts of a Kantian transcendental stripe for instance will not find space here: I think that in the positive/opposite style to Samuel Beckett the writing and the images here in such pictures propose a defining test-case for the relation between art, philosophy and literature.

The image: Shem FW. 174
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