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“[…] the meaning, sousy, of that continental expression, if you ever came acrux it, we think it is a word transpiciously like canaille?: or: Did you anywhere, kennel, on your gullible’s travels or during your rural troubadoring, happen to stumble upon a certain gay young noblemen whimpering to the name of Low Swine who always addresses women out of the one corner of his mouth […].” Immargination: The Site of Imagination from Imagining Joyce and Derrida by Peter Mahon makes up part of the scripted section in white on this page: as well as an Internet description of the work of Allan Turing in a ‘dispute’ concerning the human and the machine. Joyce’s books Ulysses / Finnegans Wake like Duchamp’s Glass has as a central motif this misdirection between technology and Being. “canaille” meaning Tittle-Tattle and Gossip is the way in which the world appears to turn on its axis. This is a succulent page that would keep many a Joycean amused and in the world library for a very long time. Shaun is here peering into Shem's ancestry (if indeed Shaun is [figuratively of course] writing this section of the Wake which is probably arguable). There is a male / female ’discussion’ in the throws of not being concluded between a male substitute for Shem and a female substitute for Shaun in the white lettering that spells out a broadside on Duchamp and Joyce’s interest in electromagnetism and particularly Duchamp’s notion of his Large Glass being a “painting of frequencies”, a pun on painting and electrical discharge. The models for the male and female heads are my wife and myself.

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