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“Around that time, moravar one generally, for luvvomoney hoped or at any rate suspected among morticians that he would early turn out badly…” continues in a different light and from a new perspective Shem’s doubtful character: “one dandy time”; “pelting night”, “He would not put fire to his cerebrum” (blow his brains out and/or think profoundly and imaginatively about the life he is living) “he would not explaud himself with pneumatics; he refused to saffrocake himself with a sod”. (“explaud” = Explode/Applaud) - “Pneumatics” being a branch of technology dealing with the study and application or use of pressurized gas or air to affect mechanical motion suggests that Shem is too fearful to commit suicide by exploding himself, and neither will he try to suffocate (“saffrocake”) himself with a sod of turf, while ”moravar” is Gypsy for “to kill”.? “Time” in terms of “Around that time…” for instance, is continually suspect in the Wake as one studies Joyce’s use of syntax or word grammar: this in itself ‘gives life’ to other dimensions of tenses in sentence and paragraph construction(s) such that we were we are and we will (for instance) communicate to upset the linear progression of an issue, or a theme or a tale.

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