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“Shem was a sham and a low sham and lowness creeped out first via foodstuffs….” Among the hundreds of tiny details in this picture we can pick out one or two larger features like the “body” of Shem upside-down and split like the body of the Egyptian God Osiris since Egyptian lore and myth are very much included in the Wake. On Several of these first Images on Shem there is a scant image at middle base that shows a Janus object, as in this one, in which a rider is sitting between two horses facing in the opposite direction to each other (A Chinese Porcelain). The Internet itself is shown here in a cartographic form that largely covers Europe and the USA and that hovers across the body of a Neo-Classical male form in a “heroic pose”. Some of the complexities of Joycean Satire: Menippean and Varronian have impacted upon this picture.

The image: Shem FW. 170
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