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haun VIII - Rhetoric & anti-Cartesianism ??? a dialogue between Female and Male elements for the set.

"Giambattista Vico was an Italian philosopher who saw history as an endless cycle proceeding in four main stages: the mythic-theological, the heroic-aristocratic, the human-democratic, and the chaotic ricorso. (Often paraphrased as the age of gods, the age of heroes, the age of man, and the return.) Each age concludes with a Fall, which is heralded by the thunderous voice of God - represented by Joyce in the Wake as hundred-letter "thunderwords" or Farting. Each Fall of course, precipitates the next Rise, and therefore keeps the whole “velocopedal vicocyclometer" turning. ("Phall if you but will, rise you must" FW 4.15) (See (Lower Section [Text]) Imagining Joyce and Derrida. Page 481 Finnegans Wake.

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