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haun VII - Review

The character of his father has so far absorbed Shaun 474.01 - 477.3 that he lies immobile, a giant imprisoned in the landscape. Mamalujo approach him to hold an inquest.

477.31 - 479.16 Although the questioners are senile and the answerer is evasive, it proves that they are at the midden heap, the orangery. Yawn complains of the cold, cries out for pepette and expresses his fear of wolves.

478.17-18 Magis megis enerretur mynus hoc intelligow ([quo] magis enarratur [eo] minus hoc intelligo: "the more completely it is explained the less I understand this")

479.17 - 482.15 The answers respond tangentally to the questions and the discourse dwells on Viconian cycles, seafaring invaders and the animals of the Reynard the Fox cycle. HCE is in Yawn and keeps surfacing to the confusion of Mamalujo.

482.16 - 486.31 They ask Yawn about Kevin. The reply is to the point but Yawn launches into a long semi-theological discussion, which picks up references to Dean Swift and alchemy. Mamalujo misunderstands Yawn and waxes indignant. Yawn lapses into pidgin. The inquisitors seek remedy through the imposition of a jade T-square. Yawn obligingly regresses.

486.06 History as her is harped

Tesseract Hexagon and Blue Infinity: Mamalujo - Also Soap Bubbles: "Infrathin". The plight of Soap Bubbles: Their Colors and Forces Which Mold Them ~ by C. V. Boys. The Mamalujo travel by means of the mid-skin of the Soap Bubble. Giambattista Vico or the guy who created a foundation of Rhetoric by which to work a way into the well being of Ricorsi, Philosophy and / or Poetry and thus (in one instance at least) the creation of the portmanteau word(s). Page 480 Finnegans Wake.

"In the past, all arts and disciplines were interconnected and rested in the lap of philosophy; subsequently, they were sundered apart. Those responsible for this separation can be compared to a tyrannical ruler who, having seized mastery of a great, populous, and opulent city, should, in order top secure his own safety, destroy the city and scatter its inhabitants into a number of widely strewn villages." (See

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