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haun VI - Young Duchamp on a Bicycle with Leonardo da Vinci Design enclosing tesseracts beneath Nude Descending a Staircase (several additions) preparing for music and linguistic notations to be added via Top Left Book of Kells and its "offspring" genetic material (material). "Singing" of ALP (inverted image) and Wall Face. Tesseract display with 19th Century Printing Wheel & Handle; Dung-Heap of the "Four Masters" and Dürer engraving of the Apocalypse. (Lower Section) 3 Standard Stoppages Etalon: new measuring meter. Text ~ continuation of Carol James: Reading Art through Glass and Glas. Page 479 Finnegans Wake. The 3 Standard Stops were included 3 times in the Large Glass (a Trine of Trines) hence this new "subjective" measure, using "chance" in the dropping of pieces of string are aligned with the Inquest of Shaun.

The image: Shaun VI
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