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haun V - "Now, to come nearer zone; I would like to raise my deuterous point audibly touching this. There is this maggers. I am told by our interpreter, Hanner Esellus, that there are fully six hundred and six ragwords in your malherbal Magis landeguage in which wald wand rimes alpman and there is resin in all roots for monarch but yav hace not one pronouncable teerm that blows in all the vellums of tartallaght to signify majestate, even provisionally, nor no rheda rhoda or turpentine path or hallucinian via nor aurellian gape nor sunkin rut nor grossgrown trek nor crimeslaved cruxway and no moorhens cry or mooner’s plankgang there to lead us to hopeinhaven. Is such the unde derivatur casematter messio! Frankly. Magis megis enerretur mynus hoc intelligow". (Lower Section) Text from an early Essay on Joyce and Duchamp. Large D and Glider Study (Duchamp), and Page 478 of Finnegans Wake.

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