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haun IV. Grid (detail) of ascribable features of underflow to Shaun Page 477 (Finnegans Wake) and Duchamp’s Glass project: Raymond Roussel, Dante, Samuel Beckett, Shakespeare, Alfred Jarry, A.M. Worthington (photography: "instantaneous electric-spark photography"; Lord Kelvin, Nikola Tesla, Black Panther (Christ); Max Planck, Giordano Bruno (detail), Heinrich Hertz, HCE, RA, Max Ernst, Stéphane Mallarmé, Maurice Blanchot, "An elephant with the soul of a flower" Etc.). Ian Hays spouting "Stem Alphabet", Flea (Enlargements), Fish Food is the "Christ Sacrifice". Various Postage Stamps. Various Orifices, Stone Erections Inc. Wellington Monument in Phoenix Park. Leonardo da Vinci "womb" anatomy. Kells and Irish Celtic Knot pattern for DNA recipients (to come): Adam (Dürer). Various Species of Spider (Lower Section) Glass, Apolinere Enameled. Text: Reading Art through Glass and Glas: Carol James. And p. 477 of Finnegans Wake.

The image: Shaun IV
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