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haun II (Underpainting”) - Reading Joyce Reading Derrida: Desire Between Joyce and Derrida (Alan Roughly). The Book of Kells (implants) variations on models of the tesseract, including photographs of Paul Klee, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Duchamp (profile), Dora Marsden. Section of a Chocolate Grinder from a Victorian Handbook on ephemera. Grave Yard Nature and a battle for the Bride in the form of hand-to-hand knife fighting from the film Dune: the location in film of the 4th and further dimensions. Enlarged Human (Egg) (Humpty Dumpty) Cell. First Map of Ireland including Dublin. Sigla Patterns in Geometric Order. Pochoir touches of colour lettering in the manner of Duchamp for the Boite en Valise. Wyndham Lewis - 9 female castrated Dummies: Finnegans Wake is a “BODY”. (Lower Section) Page 475 of Finnegans Wake. Plausible conglomerate of small heads apposite for a non-attendant Shaun-Godot. TV: The Death of Karlheinz Stockhausen on a 1960’s Arts program (an inflection for John Cage).

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