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haun XIII - (Lower Section) John Marvin: Finnegans Wake III. 3 and the Third Millennium. The Ghosts of Modernisms Yet to Come. (Hypermedia Joyce Studies). Richard Dawkins: (Fragment) The Blind Watchmaker. Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Condensed Version of the Tractatus Logico Philosophicus. (Fragment) Morality and Social Psychology: on Nietzsche’s thought. (Top Section) Shaun the Post(man) travels in a cask of Guinness down the river Liffey on its way to the Sea. Guinness Advertisement as seen on TV in which men drinking Guinness travel back to "origins" (at least as "far back" as mudskippers). Versions and Visions of Nietzsche’s "Superman" coming into being through allusions to "forces of nature" and "dead metaphor" that art and typical language-use proves inadequate for the purposed of Life Lived at its most compelling, subtle and mystical. Page 486 Finnegans Wake.

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