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haun XII - (Lower Section) The Virtual Marshal McLuhan, Donald Theall, and Linda Dalrymple Henderson Duchamp in Context: Science and Technology in the Large Glass and Related Works. Outlining the Eiffel Tower as "the voice" of technological progress in its numerous uses for Scientists and Technologists of the 19th Century. (Top Section) Shaun in cruciform: (Dali) with the notion of being interrogated by the 19th Century Art Historians: Heinrich Wölfflin, Alois Riegl, Gottfried Semper, and also Vladimir Nabokov (who had an avid interest in Chess Problems) See Marcel Duchamp’s "aesthetic fascination" with chess here: and his full disinclination toward Art at the same time. A circle for the Rainbow Girls and a sketch - in total - for the Star Chamber - all of which can be traced to questions and answers and inquisitions on the text of the Wake and the Glass including Duchamp’s total oeuvre: works that interrogate themselves in this fashion could be loosely said to deconstruct themselves in the hands of their creators: the issue being that this "deconstruction" is here being rehearsed once more, but several times, meaning that each work on show is in a state of being reawakened and thus reworked. MD and JJ’s works require a reader to have a relationship with Renaissance art and literature: my own work on these two artists also requires more from myself on this and other matters as critics of the Wake and of the Glass would obviously comment. Page 485 Finnegans Wake.

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