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haun X - (Lower Section Text) Jane Lewty: Finnegans Wake: Losing Control in Book III.

"electrickery in attendance" - a mutation of official Radio Frequencies. Radio Receivers for the dead in the ground - in this case a painted fatality: "This bolt in hand be my worder!" …Marcantonio ~ Marconi. Also Italian: "Tall Man" - an ear receiver of radio waves. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Miguel de Cervantes, Plato, Albert Einstein, Sir Thomas Crooks, models for Ear-Testing for the sounds of the Earth moving through the Universe. p. 483. Finnegans Wake. Discussion of brush marks and colours over and under other colours in micro-fashion. Millimetres are the measure of our day and not merely for conservation purposes but for the creation of looking and seeing and creating infinitely more in the world of the Picture as opposed to "art" found in London, New York, Paris, Etc. YBA in space. Page 483 Finnegans Wake.

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