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haun I (A Study) - Tesseract: esp. Eternal Geomater (Margaret Solomon) and Wake Rites (G.C. Sinclair): The Study Period of Finnegans Wake and Page 474 (Irish Druidic Traditions & Hermetica) of Finnegans Wake; Shaun’s “curious form of digital memory ~ Fingers of Giordano Bruno” and ∞ ~ Shaun-Shem ~ HCE ~ HCE ~ Shem-Shaun). Biological reproduction of HCE (Tesseract: Nietzsche, Giordano Bruno (the Nolan), Paul Klee, Babi (Egyptian Baboon God), Thot (Egyptian Ibis God) excludes Shem’s recourse to masturbation. Small Tesseracts: Hermeticism (Sigla), Moon, Christ in Torment on the Cross (addition of subtle colour added) Bicycle wheel (Alfred Jarry and the Crucifiction as an uphill bicycle race). 4 Masters, and Mamalujo (Mathew, Mark, Luke, John). Transparencies of text p.3, (riverrun -Nile ~ in repeat, “Lowly, longly, a wail went forth. Pure Yawn lay low”. Duchamp: “To inscribe a readymade…” ~ Joyce, Duchamp, Nora, Rrose. Schemata of diagrams Inc. DNA and RNA.

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