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an Hays was born in 1949 at Nuneaton in the West Midlands: an athlete and student of art at school he also studied ballet and tap dancing through all grades from 7 years through the age of 12 and later became an Art Student at the Nuneaton School of Art, then Wolverhampton Technical College and then Portsmouth Technical College.

As a member of the Scratch Orchestra and the Portsmouth Symphonia in the 1960’s he had been influenced at the age of 15 years largely by the work of John Cage, and the Dadas.

He was married at 18 years and became a Painter and Decorator in and around the village of Rowlands Castle, Hampshire; later a Coal-Packer on an industrial site in Nuneaton in the West Midlands and a Night Work Postman for 13 years. He is the Biological Father of two Sons who he has only recently been in touch with, again.

He has also been a University Lecturer since 1989 after completing a BA (Hons) with a 1st in Painting at Coventry University; an MA in Art History and Theory at the University of Essex and also an M.Phil at the University of Essex. He has been a University Lecturer since 1989 until the present day beginning at the University of Coventry, the University College of Chester, and the University of Northampton (part-time), and he has also taught for the Open University at Summer Schools.

During the period in which he was writing his dissertation for his PhD at Essex University he worked at the studio of Tom Phillips RA as an archivist having met and worked with the painter, writer and composer at Wolverhampton Technical College in 1969.

He has been married to Florence Marlene Hays for 30 years who has accompanied him on his travels to most conferences over time.

Ian has given papers at:

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