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Artist reading on Joyce, Duchamp, Derrida, Deleuze and Blanchot largely making way through Joyce and Duchamp’s work as additions to language and thought.

David Keith

Author : Professor David Keith (IP: , E-mail : IAN’S LETTER OF THE ALPHABET: Notes to Shaun Pictures 9 Curiously, in the title a letter was left out of “Alphabet”. By way of invitation? By way of inviting me … Continue reading

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Jesse Chase Canada

1. Jesse Chase says: 
January 13, 2013 at 8:57 pm 
as i read over the images and text im found constantly aware of pareidoidical implications. a synaesthesia? i dunno, but most definitely an intuitive acknowledgement of duchamps “differance”, a genlin … Continue reading

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New work Here on Finnegans Wake and Large Glass

Quotation: “Language is the core of all artistic and philosophical creativity, and as Jacques Lacan suggests: “We know as sentient beings that all we are resides within the domain of our languages” and that “The most complicated machines are made from words”. … Continue reading

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Ian Hays. Reading Joyce Reading Duchamp

The works of James Joyce and Marcel Duchamp and the work of the Artists Ian Hays himself with a new view to Accomodating Writing and Literature with the Visual Arts

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The Letter of the Aphabet: Notes to Shaun Pictures 9

The Letter of the Alphabet and Thought. Ann Hamilton 2011   It is a poetic act to think of alphabetic letters as having “gravity”, “weight”, jostling within larger “gravitational fields” like sentences and paragraphs: the condensation of the poem, the … Continue reading

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James Joyce Symposium Prague 2010

The Prague James Joyce Symposium from the 13th June through the 18th June was as ever an extremely useful and worthwhile experience: literary studies and particularly on Joyce for me, among other supplementary writers who so often are approached differently … Continue reading

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Welcome to “Reading Joyce Reading Duchamp”

“Reading Joyce Reading Duchamp” is the blog associated with the site The blog replaces the old Forums section of the website in order that the discussions promoted therein may reach a wider audience. Please comment freely on what you … Continue reading

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